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New Year’s Eve Cocktail Inspiration

December 30, 2015
New Year's Eve Cocktail Inspiration - The Project Lifestyle

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail party? 2015 was an amazing year and so it’s time to look back on what’s been and anticipate what fun will come in 2016!

If you know me well, you will know 3 things that I love are:

A) Pretty things (worthy of an instagram)
B) Combining beautiful flavours (it’s the baker inside of me)
C) Cocktails

Combine these three things and you’ll have the drinks of dreams! So aptly, just in time for New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d share my favourite cocktails of 2015:

  1. Pimped-Up Prosecco 
    Prosecco is my go-to special occasion drink but you can make it extra special by adding a splash of flavour! My favourite things to add to a glass of chilled prosecco include: A dash of Chambord – black raspberry liqueur, A shot of elderflower cordial – for an extra floral note or Passionfruit pulp (& seeds for decoration!)
  2. Disoronno Sour 
    Amaretto is my favourite liqueur and the sweetness of the almonds can be perfectly complimented by the sour taste of lemons (or lime). In my Disoronno sour I use a double shot of Amaretto (Disoronno is my preference), 30ml of fresh lemon juice and 2 tsp of caster sugar. Pour over ice and serve with a lime garnish.
  3. Caipirinha
    This Brazilian drink is traditionally made using Cachaca – a spirit made from sugar cane. However, if you can’t get hold of this you can replace it with a double shot of white rum and a single shot of sugar syrup. In a glass use a muddler (or spoon) to crush half a lime with 2tsp of brown sugar, add ice and pour over your white rum and sugar syrup.
  4. Elderflower Berry Fizz 
    Elderflower cordial is one of my favourite drinks so I created this vodka-based cocktail to include it. Pour a double of plain vodka into a tall glass containing ice. Add one shot of elderflower cordial and a handful of frozen berries (I use raspberries). Then for a fruity twist add a dash of Chambord – black raspberry liqueur and top up with lemonade.
  5. Coconut Mojito 
    This is a play on the original mojito recipe where instead of using white rum, coconut rum (Malibu) is used. Pour a double of coconut rum, add 4 sprigs of mint, 2 tsp caster sugar, half a lime and top up with soda water to taste.

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