About Me

Tudor House, Southampton - The Project Lifestyle

Hey there! My name is Rachel and I’m the face behind The Project Lifestyle, although once in a while you’ll see Pete, my Instagram husband, knocking around -he’s the love of my life, an awesome photographer and my web development guru!

The Project Lifestyle is all about DIY inspired living.

My hobbies include travel, baking, photography and embarking on DIY projects. I love capturing the beautiful things in life from scenic views to tiny details that make everyday life beautiful. The way to my heart is through flowers, perfumes and my favourite sweet treat… macarons!

I started a blog as a way to record my thoughts, dreams, aspirations and travelling adventures because of my love of writing, journalling and taking photos. I think it’s important to document the things you do, places you go and things you enjoy – even the little things can mean a lot when you look back.

Guest posts
If you are interested in me sharing guest post on your blog, get in touch. I’ve had the privilege of being asked to share posts on the following blogs
Southampton Airport: The Project Lifestyle visits Cork, Ireland
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Brand Collaborations
Occasionally content on my blog is sponsored or items are gifted to me by brands – this will always be disclosed at the end of each post, but opinions are always my own. I only work with advertisers or brands with products that are in-keeping with the regular content of The Project Lifestyle and fit within the aesthetic of the site. In short, I will only post about things I like!

If you are interested in a brand collaboration, then I’ve love to hear from you. I’m a firm believer in helping to give brands an authentic online presence and will happily help to increase awareness of products or places that I love. If you’d like to discuss advertising options, send me samples, or discuss a brand collaboration, please contact me at the email address below!