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DIY Floral Christmas Wreath

December 11, 2015
DIY Christmas Wreath - The Project Lifestyle

Christmas decorating can be super fun, especially if you make your own decorations. This year I wanted to make a statement Christmas wreath for the front door using fresh flowers that was both simple to make but also elegant. I chose whites and pinks for my colour scheme (an alternative on the traditional white and red), but this wreath would look great with different combinations of flowers and colours so get creative!

What you will need:

An artificial foliage wreath base – I got mine from Ikea for £7.50 and you can use this year in, year out.
4-8 Main statement flowers – I chose white roses
20-30 Smaller stems – I chose pink carnations, white spray roses and white lisianthus
10 Stems of filler flowers – I chose baby’s breath
50 pieces of 25cm floristry wire – I got mine from The Range.

IMG_6903 IMG_6919 IMG_6914


  1. First thing you need to do is wire the flowers (the flower stems should all be around 4-5 inches). Once a flower is wired, you can make it sit exactly where you want it to and it won’t move.  You can use this technique for other floral arrangements as well as wreaths including bouquets and table settings. To wire the flowers, position the centre of your wire behind the stem, just below the flower head. Twist the wire around along the length of the stem and bend the wire ends together at the end.
  2. I started by wiring the main statement flowers (in this case the white roses) at equal positions around the inner circle of the wreath. These flowers are the focal point of your wreath so positioning is key. Use the wire at the end of the flower stem to twist around the body of the wreath to secure the flower.
  3. Next, I distributed the smaller white flowers – the spray roses and lisianthus around the outer section of the wreath. The green and white buds help to give the wreath texture and interesting dynamics.
  4. Colour is key, I tried to distribute the carnations evenly between the white flowers but without going too over the top. The colour is there to add interest but not to over-dominate.
  5. Lastly, the filler flowers. The baby’s breath is the final touch to the wreath. The tiny intricate flowers bring an extra texture which creates a softness and flow to the wreath. They are used not only to fill in the remaining green areas but also provide a finishing touch to the wreath.
  6. It’s time to hang on your front door for all your neighbours to admire! Happy Christmas!


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