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Home // A Place to Relax (Leesa revisited)

November 23, 2016
Sleep Easy with Leesa - The Project Lifestyle

Since moving into our flat in April, Pete and I were adamant that we wanted to be able to make our home not just a place to live but a place to be. To be ourselves, to enjoy life and to embrace opportunity.

Pete and I currently both work from home so sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between a space for work and a space to relax. That’s where our bedroom for me becomes a sanctuary. It’s a place to close the door to work and to open up the possibility to rest, relaxation and dreaming.

Surrounded by candles, fairy lights, blankets, throws and cushions, little accessories and personal touches help to contribute towards that homely feel, making a space uniquely yours.

Sleep Easy with Leesa - The Project Lifestyle

You may well remember back in May, just after moving in, I blogged about our new triple-layer memory foam mattress; Leesa’s luxury product helping you to get a better night’s sleep. It might seem odd to focus a blog post on the not-so-pretty-but-practical element of a room, but the difference that mattress has made has been so substantial so I thought it apt to share again when thinking about how it’s contributed towards our sense of rest and relaxation.

So often you’ll read a review on a blog about a product, not knowing whether the blogger used it just the once, or whether they’re a continuing supporter of that brand, but with Leesa we had the opportunity to test over the 100-night risk free trial and thought we’d share how we got on. How did it fare? Well, put simply, we loved it. We’re now well over our 100 nights and could not be more satisfied.

Sleep Easy with Leesa - The Project LifestyleSleep Easy with Leesa - The Project Lifestyle

We’ve genuinely had conversations on holiday about how, as much as we love to take a break from city life and work, we genuinely miss our bed back home. The mattress is really supportive; you don’t sink into it like other memory foam mattresses but instead feel cushioned in all the right places, reducing any pressure or tensions from your body. It’s been so comfortable and we found it really does contribute towards a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

Not only have we enjoyed it, but we’ve recommended it to friends who have shared a similar experience to us – also loving how Leesa are socially and environmentally aware. As I shared previously, for every 10 mattresses Leesa sell, they donate one to charity. They’ve also just begun an initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the production of the mattresses, planting one tree for every mattress sold. What’s not to love about that?

Sleep Easy with Leesa - The Project Lifestyle

As well as enjoying the Leesa mattress, I’ve found that investing in quality bedding (with high thread count) makes a valuable contribution towards better rest. I’ve also started using the Eau Roma Water lavender spray from Lush to spritz on my face just before bed. It’s calming, hydrating and soothing, balancing and softening the skin and the lavender scent is relaxing, helping to send you off to sleep.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary is super important. It’s a place to de-stress, to do the things you enjoy and to shut yourself away from the world for some rest and relaxation. How have you made your home a place to relax?

This week Leesa are doing a special offer for readers of The Project Lifestyle, where you can get £80 off any Leesa mattress alongside a free £30 Amazon giftcard as an extra treat.

Sleep Easy with Leesa - The Project Lifestyle

This post was written in collaboration with Leesa. All opinions remain my own.

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