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July 4, 2016
New Home Inspiration - The Project Lifestyle

The prospect of moving into a brand new flat; white walls, cream carpets and an effectively blank canvas can feel both inspiring and intimidating. Picking the right furniture to fit your space and lifestyle, choosing a colour scheme to accentuate your space, personalisation with artwork and photos and adding your personal character into the mix all need to be thought about when turning your house into a home.

Feeling perplexed about the whole thing, I went online in search of blogs, websites, and online stores that could help me identify the individual elements that would go together to make our house a home. As you may have read in a couple of my previous posts, Pinterest and at{mine} have been great sources of inspiration, with my ‘Details for the Home’ Pinterest board growing by the day. I also like to screenshot home ideas I like on instagram – to the extent that my iPhone camera roll is made up of more screenshots than photos!

There are several blogs and sites that I’ve read for a while and find myself coming back to time and time again whilst on the inspiration trail:

Apartment Apothecary 

Apartment Apothecary is a space where Katy Orme shares her interior design ideas to make your home look better. It’s a place to find projects and crafts as well as an array of beautiful photos that will leave you wanting to add to and update things in your new home. It’s also a great place to find things for the home, as I often find myself clicking on the embedded links to find where the products featured in the images come from. Katy is one of the founders of the #StylingTheSeasons hashtag where people share styled images of what each month looks like or represents for them. Check out the hashtag on instagram for even more inspiration!

A photo posted by Katy Orme (@aptapothecary) on

The Lovely Drawer 

I’ve been reading The Lovely Drawer for a few months now having found the site through Pinterest when I was pinning Christmas card ideas. I came across Teri’s prints collection and instantly became a big fan of her brush letter artwork, which led me to her blog and her lovely DIY tips from her London home. Finding myself tweeting to ask where Teri’s rug is from and instantly wanting to heart all her instagram posts, I always find The Lovely Drawer as a place for DIY inspiration, enjoyable reading and  interior admiration. I’d really like to get some of Teri’s prints from her Etsy store soon to embellish my walls.


Lobster & Swan 

Lobster and Swan is a beautiful blog full of beautiful decor and interior styling. Jeska’s home is full of beautiful plants and interesting and unique details that make a house a home and add colour, texture and personality to a space. I thoroughly enjoy reading the Lobster & Swan blog and always find myself inspired by the beautiful photography and creativity. Jeska’s images flow so cohesively following a natural colour scheme of browns, greens and white accentuated pops of colour. Recently I enjoyed flicking through a recent post on garden furniture, which left me with definite garden envy!

A photo posted by Jeska Hearne (@lobsterandswan) on


 Oh. Eight. Oh. Nine.

I have grown to love the Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine family home over the past few months and am always excited for a new post. Every single one of the photographs on Tarina’s blog has been styled to perfection and I love reading her posts that include styling and photography tips! I love basically everything about Tarina’s home – particularly her bedroom and the children’s rooms. If I had my pick on a dream home, I’d ask Tarina to come in and style it for me as I adore her style. Look out for beautiful use of flowers around the home and give her a follow on instagram… you won’t regret it!

Urban Jungle Bloggers 

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a community where bloggers can showcase how they bring nature indoors. It’s a place for people who love greenery and plants, combined with a love of interior design and style. Each month a plant-related topic is set so bloggers can get involved, posting pictures of their plants using #urbanjunglebloggers. I’ve been really inspired to bring greenery into our home after finding this community and have already bought a large peace lilly, some herbs, cacti and a small tree for our new flat. I can’t wait to get involved in participating in one of the next Urban Jungle Blogger monthly challenges.


Just in case I didn’t already have enough inspiration, I also hit the shelves of magazine stands in the shops to pick up some home inspiration magazines. Cutting and sticking these ideas onto paper helped me to visualise how things would look together… but more about that in my next ‘New Home’ post on magazines and moodboards! See you then.

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