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March 20, 2016

We just got sent the confirmation that our future new home (that’s currently in the process of being built) will be ours to move into over the next couple of months, which of course is super exciting news!

With brand new and pristine white walls, neutral carpets and totally unfurnished, our new home is the perfect blank canvas for creating a blog series as we go through the transformation process of making a house a home.

I intend to share our interior design journey beginning with the inspiration phase as we go on the hunt for style ideas, colour schemes, furniture and accessories to make our new home truly unique and true to our personalities!

So here’s the bit about the inspiration: Part 1… Pinterest.

Those of you who know me well will know that I LOVE Pinterest! It’s my go-to app on my iPhone and often replaces google when I’m searching for ideas or inspiration. 3.9k pins, 24 boards and counting (and that doesn’t include the private boards), my Pinterest is full of inspiration I’ve gathered over the past couple of years.

Rachel Heslop Pinterest - The Project Lifestyle

Some pins I’ve fully put to use such as wedding details, some I’ve used for DIY projects, some pins are just of things I love or think are pretty and more recently; most of my pins have been inspiration for the home.

I find Pinterest has pins suited to everyone’s different home style, colour scheme or furniture taste. Often the only difficulty is finding out where the furniture in your favourite pins is actually from. It’s a great source of inspiration though and there are such a lovely community of people on there sharing their homes, inspiration and lives.

If you don’t already have Pinterest, I recommend you try it out! You can follow my Pinterest here, or why not check out my new ‘Details for the Home’ board shown below:
Follow Rachel Heslop’s board Details for the Home on Pinterest.

Why not follow me on my interior design journey? Over the next month I’ll be sharing about the inspiration stage; where I’m getting my ideas, what interior design websites and blogs I’m loving, which shops and products are catching my eye and what’s on my wishlist!

Then it’s onto the move where plans and ideas will be put into action… watch this space.

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