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December 2, 2016
Beaulieu, Hampshire at Christmas - The Project Lifestyle

Preparing for winter…

I remember as a child the preparation leading up to winter. Dad would be out in the garden chopping logs, coal would be delivered to the door, winter tyres were fitted on the car, mum would be baking Dundee cakes, and the scarves, hats and gloves began to re-emerge from the closet. Blankets would be laid out on my bed and pyjamas would be thick and fleecy.

As the darker nights drew in, the frost spread across the window panes and the glowing embers in the fire sparked into roaring flames, the season had shifted from the warmth of summer and the colours of autumn, to the coolness of winter.

Winter can be dark, cold, unmotivating and uninspiring. Sticking your toe out from under the warmth of the duvet in the morning to test the outside air can send shivers down your spine – with the only thing luring you away from your cosy haven being the prospect of warm tea and ginger biscuits.

Yesterday I was walking through the quaint village of Beaulieu in Hampshire (which you may have seen featured in this previous post). The autumn leaves had been swept away and outside each house and shop was a beautiful, lush green, perfectly shaped Christmas tree; with thick branches and adorned with lights. I saw wreaths hanging on the old, red, wooden doors and candles displayed in the windows. The old English feel to the village transported me back to the traditional Victorian Christmas; chestnuts roasting and carol singing.

As the yearly seasonal shift occurs once again, I now find myself preparing our own home for the months ahead, decorating to bring festive cheer, dotting candles around and laying out layers of blankets and winter bedding.

The duck-down duvets go up a tog, scents of cinnamon spice fill the air, mulled wine is made and music is played. Winter is coming… it’s time to prepare your home.

Warm up with candles. 
I love candles year around, but they are particularly lovely in the winter months. That warm, comforting glow accompanied by gorgeous scents that make you feel at home are not to be missed.

Switch up your light sources.
Adding candles, glowy fairy lights and table lamps helps to create a homely glow that can be more comforting than bright overhead lighting. I always feel transported back in time when reading a good book under a soft lamp or in front of a glowing fire. #Hygge

Snuggle up with layers of blankets.
There’s nothing quite like wrapping up in a blanket that’s soft to the touch and fits in with your winter home theme. It’s also the perfect time of year to update bedding – swapping cotton sheets for soft fleece or flannel. Light colours and whites help to reflect and diffuse the natural light coming in through the windows making your space feel lighter and airy, despite the darker days. Accent with Christmas colours and scatter with plush pillows.

Keep it fresh and bring the outside in.
Flowers, foliage and plants can be beautiful additions to the home adding vibrancy and life to your home. Fresh and flourishing plants indoors contrast with the stark, naked tree branches outside and prophesy the return of spring is to come. At the moment I’m particularly loving succulents, but also enjoy growing herbs on the window-sill to add to winter recipes.

Decorate for the festive season.
Baubles, tinsel, beads, stars and sparkle. Adding Christmas decorations to your home can transform your space into something magical. We love to get a real tree, bringing in the familiar natural textures and smells of Christmas in.

How do you prepare for winter around your home?

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