Springtime Stationery Favourites

June 13, 2016
Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Confession: I’m the kind of stationery lover that always has one too many notebooks and has to be held back from popping into shops like Paperchase and Kikki-K unless on a targeted mission. Because of this obsession, it has become apparent that my ever-growing stationary collection often reflects the season we’re in, or the projects I’m undertaking. Looking across my desk I found that my current stationery pieces happen to be very representative of ‘springtime’ and as it’s recently been #NationalStationeryWeek (or so Twitter tells me), I thought I’d take a few snaps of the items I’m currently loving!

The season of spring is filled with pops of bright colours and beautiful pastel shades.

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Mint Green Daily Journal – Urban Outfitters
I wouldn’t be a true stationery lover without including a journal and this one is particularly beautiful! The pale green, just like mint-chocolate-chip ice cream is beautiful with the gold accents. The journal, also available in pale pink and other prints, has a great layout and is perfect for planning out your days and your projects.

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Trio of Raindrop Notebooks – Paperchase
I love to have a notebook in my handbag, ready to jot down any blogging ideas, my thoughts or a to do list! I just love these cheerful notebooks that come in a set of 3 from Paperchase. They also make a nice little gift!

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Daily Notes Pad – Kikki-K
Get your daily plan of action down with this gorgeous orangey-pink notepad from Kikki-K. With space to record your to-do list, top priorities, things for yourself and even how many glasses of water you’ve had, this notepad makes for perfect motivation to tick off tasks on your list while also serving as perfect desk eye-candy. As a lover of list writing, I find this notepad so useful when planning my day!

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Pastel Washi Tape – Amazon
I love the versatility of washi tape! What originally took off in Japan is now being used by stationery lovers worldwide. Use it for a DIY project, to add colour to your journal, to stick photos into your scrapbook, to customise an item or whatever inspires you! There are hundreds of washi tape projects out there to embark upon, simply look on Pinterest! I picked up this pastel pack with 10 colours off Amazon. There are loads of great places online selling washi tape of all colours and patterns so keep browsing for the colours and patterns you love.

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Colouring-in Postcards – Kikki-K
Colouring-in books seem to be all the rage at the moment and I love the idea of this postcard set from Kikki-K in-keeping with the trend. With multiple designs these postcards are relaxing to colour in and look beautiful dotted around the home. You can send them either coloured in or plain – so your recipient can get creative!

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

Papermate Flair Felt Pens in M – Amazon
Love colouring or practicing your fancy handwriting? These pens are for you. I originally got just a black to use to hand-decorate letter envelopes then fell in love with the texture and writing-style of these pens, so got a set of colours. The pens just glide across the paper and have a fine tip which is useful for trying out new handwriting fonts or colouring those finer details. The selection of colours is perfect for any project and brighten up any journal entry!

Springtime Stationery Favourites - The Project Lifestyle

I’ve also just ordered the ‘Get to work book‘ planner from America so I’m super excited to add that to my desk when it arrives!

What are your current stationery favourites?


  • Reply Stephanie July 13, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    I have two colouring books now and they’re great! One has mainly floral patterns in, whilst the other is ‘under the sea’ themed (I think you would like that one Rachel). I’ve only got felt tip pens for them at the moment, but I’m on the look out for a good set of pencils and even maybe watercolours for them.

    I’m in the middle of using my wedding planner like a scrapbook and sticking things in and writing comments everywhere! Might have a look for some washi tape 🙂

    • Reply Rachel Heslop September 17, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Amazon is a great place to get some colourful washi tape for your wedding planner or you could try Fox and Star, ( which have some really lovely luxury washi tapes – as well as lots of other cute stationery! Rachel

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