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Beautiful Thumsee, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

October 30, 2017
Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle

Last month we were fortunate enough to travel to Munich with return flights from BMI Regional. Hiring a convertible, we escaped the bustle of the city and drove out into the Bavarian Alps, crossing the border into Austria for a day to visit the famous Hangar 7, then winding around the mountains with the car roof down.

The Bavarian Alps look stunning on a sunny day, with the light glistening off the snow-capped peaks and the rough outcrops making a wealth of jagged shapes projecting up into the sky.

Touring Bavaria - The Project Lifestyle Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle Touring Bavaria - The Project Lifestyle

With an autumn chill in the air, we decided to find a spot to stop for a hot drink and a walk and came across the beautiful Lake Thumsee in Bad Reichenhall. Finding this hidden gem by chance, we were amazed by the crystal clear Alpine waters, reflecting a rich aquamarine from the sky.

Perched on the lake’s edge was local restaurant, Seewirt am Thumsee, serving traditional food and drinks, with decking overlooking the waters. You could imagine the popularity of the lake in summer months with families taking to the water on pedalos or for a swim, but there was something beautifully tranquil about arriving when all was quiet.

Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle

After a delicious, warming hot chocolate by the roaring fire, we wandered the lake’s edge, enjoying the golden sunlight catching the turning yellow and bronze leaves. The stillness of the lake’s surface was disturbed only by a paddle boarder making their way gracefully across the lake, enjoying the picturesque views of mountain peaks and Alpine forests.

The lake is a great place to take a relaxing wander, with an easy path that follows the contours of the lakeside enclosed in the shade of the trees and punctuated by lookout points and benches to sit and admire the views.

If you’re ever around Bavaria, I’d thoroughly recommend a trip to Thumsee, particularly in the low season, when you might even get the lake all to yourself!

Bad Reichenhall, Germany - The Project Lifestyle

Return flights from Southampton to Munich were provided courtesy of BMI Regional. All opinions are my own.


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